Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hiyde ho familyronies

hey this is spazzymac here i thought i might add some of my own blog. well let me see i really am shoting blanks in my mind right now so i guess i will write something meaning full the next wait a minit i just rememberd i just finished reading a book by dan borwn no not the da vinci code it is another super book which i enjoyed more than the code it is called angels and demons . aptly tittled the book talks about the old cult which actually came to existence in 1776 and abruptly ended by the british in the 1800s ( more about that in the book i am reading right now called who really runs the world ) they talk about the illuminati and how the one doller bill which has the unfinnished pyramid and the 7 steps to enlightenment and the all seing eye and the proverb novus ordo seclorum and what they thought it was and what it actually was supposed to mean and the guy who desinged the bill and how he came about to give the idea to isenhower i think and about the book goes on and on man is ever a really good book i read it in about 4 days althought i bought it about a month ago i never had the time to read and i must say i am right now a full on conspiracy theoricst i have started reading about all sorts of conspiracies online and i also bought a book called who really runs the world. wow i cant belive i have taken up reading and stoped listening to acdc. any way if any body knows what is the next best book to read let me know. i cant get enough of reading it is fun and i think i have missed out on a lot of reading but also one thing if the book has a boring or slow begining i doubt if i would read so i am looking for book like da vinci code and angels and demon like one repoter said these books are unputdownable
thats all folks blog you latters


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Spazzy's Mom said...

Hey Spazzy - Great if you have stopped listening to AC/DC, I think they have spoiled you enough!!
Keep it up - reading is the best hobby one can ever have as someone aptly said "Reading Makes a Ready Man" - you will be ready to face the world of well-read people......Good Luck, hope you will find more interesting books. lots of love.


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