Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dentist Mom

It so happens that our ayalvaasi-daridravaasi has a big swimming pool in their mittam. And it so happens that during some really bad storms we had earlier this year, half our veli is broken, hence providing a good view of what goes on over yonder.
For the longest time, the pool looked like a real chanagakkuzhi...muzhuvanum paayalu pidichu. And from then on Mom's been cribbing about the pool..saying...shyo..aa pool enthoru vrithikedaayitta kedakkunne...Mummykkye eppozhum oru kannu appurathe kudiyilaanu. She's the one who gave me the news that the pool is clean now etc. Apparently there is some device which automatically cleans the pool (so she's figured out...from her constant studying of the pool).

Dentist mom... :-)

Let me go help her finish cooking...athu kazhinju njangallku 'Chathikkyaatha Chanthu' kaanaanullathaanu. Ennale we tried watching 'Taskaraveeran'...ente daiyvame...enthoru chathiyaayirunnu athu!!!


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