Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guten Morgen

Guten Morgen everyone!

Mom and I chatted with Maniammavan last night. We heard that all the males of the house had escaped to some secret hideout. No prizes for guessing what was going on over there.

So yesterday I went and got highlights applied to my hair. A day later now I'm wondering whether it should have been brown/blonde instead of red. Anyways too late to regret now...

BTW Mom said that there was a posting from a certain 'pakkan'. I did not see anything here to that effect...Mr Pakkan's if you're planning on making a post, please save your work as 'Draft' every few minutes before you finally publish it...and please make sure to review the final blog to see if your post is there in the end.

Ok enough from me. Today is sunday and I want to just chill out...


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